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Messages from our visitors
John and Christina
Ruger, you are looking very handsome. We can't wait til your arrival. Mommy and Daddy
Tammy (RubyRed)
Love your site! Love your pups! Very nice job on the design. Puppies??? I can't wait!!!
Beautiful dogs! Looking to add two very soon.
Cory and Onyx
Fantastic Job! I LOVE the new site!
Julie the groominglady
Lovely website. I like it very much!
Danielle (bdrcol22)
Beautiful site.. Love it, very professional!
Michelle (Maliraptor)
Great site, I love the layout and the picture on the front page is incredible. And the baby is pretty cute, too. :-)
Tasha a.k.a Hudsons~Mom
Beautiful, you did a great job!!! Cant wait for puppy pictures
LOVE LOVE LOVE the new site! Give your babies a kiss from me.
love your new site! :-)
Wow! New site looks great so far! Fantastic work, I'm excited to see all the stuff you add!